Our Evolution

Our journey began from a spandrel in Mamprobi, a suburb of Accra in Ghana. The vision was clear from day one to build a Pan African Diversified Food Company with far-reaching capabilities to change the way people live through food.

In less than five years, the Company has moved into its own ultra-modern factory on a fifteen-acre land area in Gomoa Akramang in the Central Region of Ghana; employing over one hundred people of different African Nationalities directly and working with several farmers and distributors across Ghana.

From one product (Moringa Tea), the Company now produces a total of Eleven products under two brands (Sankofa and Huga).

Our relentless quest to advance the health and nutritional needs of the everyday consumer is at the heart of our growth. This is backed by a sense of urgency to touch more lives through food and in the process make life better for many more.

We will continuously focus on building and strengthening unique health-and-wellbeing-led capabilities within the food industry and be agile enough to be both proactive and responsive in addressing the nutritional needs of society.

We approach the future with discipline, financial prudence and an unwavering commitment to our purpose. To do good for society and be profitable enough to do more for the consumer, take care of our Associates, reward our shareholders and give back to society sustainably is what we call “Good Profit”. That’s our pursuit for the future.